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The Race of Gentlemen: Santa Barbara Drags 2020

The Race of Gentlemen: Santa Barbara Drags 2020

The Race of Gentlemen was founded back in 2008, when Mel Stultz on behalf of the Oilers CC/MC wanted to create a race, that invested back into the history of yesteryear. The concept was ironically easy: Find the most wicked period correct hotrods, and race them on the beach.

Despite having a close tradition of racing on the sand, this year it was a little different. While also having the races on the beach of New Jersey, Mel and his team moved things out west for a little fun in the sun. What can I say, the best are in the west! 

 It was an early Saturday morning, and my eyes and ears were still asleep from meeting so many awesome hot-rodders the night before. As I scurried to get my camera gear ready for the long day, I couldnt help but notice just how many people were there to attend this meca of racing. It seemed like there was tens of thousands of people hurdling on the freshly cut grass to watch the full day of races. 

While walking with the racers to review the track, I noticed it wasn't a freshly prepped track. There wasn't a burnout box, or anyone using tire prep. People were racing just how our fathers and grandfathers raced: On the street. The track itself was an 1/8th mile but it felt like a hop, skip, and a jump. 

The race featured the best of what California had to offer. There was bangers, flatheads, nailheads, and even hopped up small blocks. Two of my most favorite cars there, aside from Alex's "Penny Hemi", were Tom and Diana Branch's 32 Roadster and Sedan. They were hot! 

Make sure to checkout our official video of the event! 


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