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Rhythm Collision #8

Rhythm Collision #8

Stories and Photos by Eric Justus 

Check out more from Eric on his Instagram Account: @eric_jjj

We headed out to Riverside, CA on Saturday January 8th to attend the 8th annual Rhythm Collision hosted by Axle and his crew. Crisp air and sunny skies made for the best conditions to drive your hot rod and that memo was read by many. Unlike most car shows, the Rhythm Collision is hosted at the Marriot hotel which provides for a scavenger hunt like experience that provides entertainment around every corner rather than the standard of cars scattered throughout the blacktop. This is surely one of the shows you do not want to miss to start off your new year.

Arriving at the Marriot hotel you are immediately welcomed by hot rods parked at main entrance. A few hundred feet from the main entrance is where the car show is held which is in the 4 story parking structure which provides not only for a unique experience but the feeling that there is something new and exciting around every corner, which there was. Merchandise and food endors set up shop inside the hotel, along the sidewalk of the hotel and up through the parking structure. If there is one thing you must purchase, well of course it has got to be a Pendelton! The staff, sponsors, DJ and ambiance of the weekend made for a very well rounded and great Saturday car show as there is something for everyone at what seems like every corner you turn. Turns are exactly what is needed as car show participant crept up the parking structure and the mix of cars was appealing to the eye.

The car show portion of the Rhythm collision resides in a 5 story parking structure adding to the scavenger hunt like feel. I would highly recommned walking the driveway of the parking structure all the way to the top rather than taking the stairs so as to not miss anything at the show. With a good mix of customs, hot rods, rat rods, low riders, volkswagens and gassers just about every box of interest is checked off the list. The third floor u-turn of the parking structure is where we had our booth set up along with the DJ and a food vendor, aka the bloody mary nook as I liked to call it. A highlight of the Rhythym Collision is not only meeting and greeting friends of new and old but being able to enjoy a blood mary during those chats while at the same time watching the various cars cruise up to the their eventual landing spot in the parking structure. The drive in scene is one of the best and that is just the start to the morning. Keeping with an interactive theme that keeps everyone entertained throughout the day the music to my ears is not what is cranking out of the DJ booth rather the cackle of the race cars later in the car show. Leading up to awards there is always something going on that keeps you entertained which is a breath of fresh air being opposite of the standard car show park, sit in chair, pop the cooler and wait until it ends schedule. THe Rhyhtym Collision is a 4 day event that is calendared from the morning to the evening with the car show only being a part of an entire weekend of fun. Our hats go off to Axel and his crew and if you have not attended the Rhyhtym Collision yet I urge you to book your hotel room for next years event.

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